Products by 360° Coatings

360° Coatings creates advanced coating solutions for businesses, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and residential applications. Visit our full-featured product sites to learn more about our array of innovative products.

Serenity Coating

Reduces sound. Waterproof. Seals mold, mildew and lead.

Serenity is the most advanced, non-invasive sound reduction solution in the world. Serenity is truly amazing:
not only does it reduce sound up to 60%, but it's also mold and mildew resistent, waterproof and easy to apply.

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Remarkable Coating

Transform any surface into a dry-erase board in hours.

Remarkable is a high-gloss, 100% clear dry-erase coating. Remarkable unleashes your creativity, turning drywall, plaster, brick, cinder block, tile, concrete, metal or wood into a dry-erase surface in just four hours.

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